Juvederm® Voluma®

juvederm voluma

The skin ages in several ways. Muscular hyperactivity and volume loss contribute to the gradual change of facial shape from a heart shape with volume at the top to becoming an upside heart shape with volume in the lower half of the face. This loss of volume gives the face is what contributes to the formation of nose to mouth lines and a sagging effect of the whole face. Juvederm® Voluma® and Teosyal® Ultimate enable deep revolumisation of the mid face area.

These fantastic products differs to standard fillers because their increased viscosity means they can be injected more deeply, lasting longer. They are smoother in consistency and small amounts of well placed product will make visible improvements. These are the perfect products for restoring lost volume to the cheek areas and will result in a subtle lift of the lower half of the face. This type of volumisation not only looks really natural but unlike other fillers, will last for around eighteen months. They can be used alone or in conjuction with standard fillers or mesotherapy.



Treatment Costs

1 syringe: £400

2 syringes: £700

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