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Dermal fillers

The skin ages in several ways, one is through a loss of volume.This loss of volume gives the face a sagging effect which for some, can be make the face look tired even when you are not. Fillers work by restoring volume to these volume depleted areas.

At London Professional Aesthetics Limited you can look forward to being treated by an experienced nurse with years of injecting experience.

Volift® is the most recent addition to Allergan's prestigious range of dermal filler products. Like Voluma® this filler is made using Vycross® technology. Skipping the science bit, this results in a product that it is comfortable to inject, with reduced incidence of bruising and swelling and a natural finish which lasts for around eighteen months. This is the treatment of choice for the nose to mouth lines and the areas around the mouth.

>The area underneath the eyes can also lose volume resulting in deep grooves or 'tear troughs'. At LPA we can treat these areas using a product specifically licensed for this purpose. Teosyal® Redensity II is in fact the only product available with a specific license for this treatment. The reason being that most dermal fillers are hydrophilic meaning that they attract water to the site of injection, in most places this is a good thing adding to hydration and plumpness. However, under the eyes this can result in unwanted puffiness. Teosyal® Redensity II is designed to rejuvenate without attracting excess fluid. This treatment is perfect for dark circles and grooves under the eyes.

These treatments are costed according to how much product is used. At the initial consultation your goals will be discussed and should you wish to proceed with treatment, the cost of the first syringe also includes the cost of the consultation, additional syringes are therefore charged at a lower price.

Results from dermal filler treatments are immediately visible and made comfortable by using products that incorporate anaesthetic as well as the application of an anaesthetic cream prior to treatment.

Treatment Costs

Volift® from £350

Juvederm® Ultra range from £250

Teosyal® Redensity II from £300


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