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April 2011

Skincare Spotlight - Theraderm Extreme Dry Skin Therapy

Skincare Spotlight  is a feature where each month a client will be chosen by LPA to test out a product and then write a review. This is to enable you to get an unbiased product review and for LPA to ensure that the products on sale are worth stocking! The product featured here will be sold at a 10% discount following the client review.

Botox Britain

So we had ‘Botox Britain’ on BBC3 recently. It was definitely entertaining but as always it seemed to be a somewhat biased presentation of the world of medical aesthetics.

The main issues seemed to focus around safety, unwanted effects & the addictive aspects of facial aesthetics.


Luscious Lip Enhancement!

The lips are a focal point of the face. They are mechanically functional in helping us to eat, drink and speak. They help us to communicate not just by shaping the words that come out but  we can watch the lip movements of others to assist in understanding speech. They also convey our mood - smiling to convey contentment, laughing open mouthed for unrestrained happiness  and also sadness can result in the sometimes involuntary pulling down of the corners of the mouth. Some say that lips are